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All masterbatches are produced with a carrier material, which is usually a blend of two or more resins.

During the manufacturing process pigments and / or additives are dispersed into the carrier system, that is formulated to effectively disperse the functional components and provide full compatibility with the final manufacturing process.

There are two possibilities for the masterbatch carrier system, Polymer Specific or Universal.

Polymer Specifics

Polymer Specific Masterbatch

The carrier system is made up using the same polymer as used in the final manufacturing process. We can manufacture using commodity and engineering polymers. This route ensures compatibility with minimal effect on the physical properties of the final product. It is also often the lowest cost route, though there is a disadvantage in that several masterbatches need to be stocked if different polymers need to be processed, thereby increasing inventory and costs.

Universal Carriers

Universal Carriers

These are formulated to be compatible with as many resins as possible. With one masterbatch able to colour several different polymer types, stocks can be kept to a minimum.